Confederate States Army Army of Northern Virginia

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Commanded by Major General Thomas J. Jackson

The corps would not be legally established under Confederate law until October of 1862. Until then the group of divisions that Jackson commanded was referred to as “Jackson’s Command,” although Jackson still referred to it as the the “Army of the Valley District.”

Ewell’s Division Major General Richard S. Ewell   
Early’s (Elzey’s) Brigade Brigadier General Jubal Early (7/1)  
Taylor’s/Hays’s Brigade Colonel Leroy A. Stafford (to 7/27)*  
Trimble’s Brigade Brigadier General Isaac Trimble  
Artillery Captain Arthur R. Courtney  
A. P. Hill’s Division Major General Ambrose Powell Hill from Longstreet 7/27
Archer’s Brigade Brigadier General James J. Archer  
Branch’s Brigade Brigadier General Lawrence Branch  
Field’s Brigade Brigadier General Charles W. Field  
Gregg’s Brigade Brigadier General Maxcy Gregg  
Pender’s Brigade Brigadier General William Dorsey Pender  
Stark’s Brigade Brigadier General William E. Stark  
J.R. Anderson’s Brigade Colonel Edward L. Thomas  
Artillery R. Lindsay Walker  
Jackson’s Division Brigadier General Charles S. Winder  
First (Stonewall) Brigade Colonel Charles A. Ronald  
Second Brigade Colonel T.S. Garnett  
Third Brigade Brigadier General William B. Talliaferro  
Fourth Brigade Brigadier General Alexander R. Lawton  
Artillery Major R. Snowdon Andrews  
Whiting’s Division Major General William H.C. Whiting to Longstreet 7/13
Hood’s Brigade Brigadier General John B. Hood  
Law’s Brigade Brigadier General Evander Law  
Reserve Artillery Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield  
Sumter (Ga.) Artillery Battalion Lt. Colonel Allen S. Cutts  
1st Virginia Artillery Battalion Colonel J. Thompson Brown  
Jones’ Artillery Battalion Major Hilary P. Jones  
Nelson’s Artillery Battalion Major William Nelson  
New Market Virginia Artillery Captain William H. Rice  
Winchester Virginia Battery Captain Wilfred E. Cutshaw  
Dixie Virginia Artillery Captain William H. Chapman  
Yorktown Virginia Artillery Captain Thomas J. Page  
Cavalry Brigade  Brigadier General Beverly Robertson  
2nd Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel Thomas T. Munford  
6th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel Julien Harrison (res. 7/16)
Colonel Thomas S. Flournoy
7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel William E. Jones  
12th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel Asher W. Harman  
17th Virginia Cavalry Battalion Major William Patrick  
Ashby Horse Artillery Captain R. Preston Chew  

Note: Brigadier General Harry T. Hays was appointed to Taylor’s Brigade in Ewell’s Division but was still recovering from his wound from Port Republic on June 9.