Confederate States Army

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Commanded by Major General Thomas J. Jackson

The Battles of Cross Keys on June 8 and Port Republic on June 9 defeated the last Union pursuers in the Shenandoah Valley. From June 18 – 25 Jackson moved his command from the Shenandoah Valley to reinforce Lee at Richmond. After this point the command was operationally Jackson’s Command of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Ewell’s Division Major General Richard S. Ewell
 Second (Steuart’s) Brigade Brigadier General W. C. ScottBrigadier General George H. Steuart (w 6/8)
Brigadier General W. C. Scott
dissolved 6/9
 Fourth (Elzey’s) Brigade Brigadier General Arnold Elzey (w 6/8)
Colonel James A. Walker
 Seventh (Trimble’s) Brigade Brigadier General Isaac Trimble
 Eighth (Taylor’s) Brigade Brigadier General Richard Taylor
 Cavalry Brigade Brigadier General George H. Steuart
 Artillery Major R. Snowden Andrews
Jackson’s Division Major General Thomas J. Jackson
First (Stonewall) Brigade Brigadier General Charles S. Winder
Second Brigade Colonel John M. Patton
Third Brigade Brigadier General William B. Talliaferro
Fourth Brigade Brigadier General Alexander R. Lawton from Georgia mid-June
Cavalry Colonel Turner Ashby (k 6/6) to Robertson’s Brig. (below)
Artillery Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield
Whiting’s Division Major General William H.C. Whiting from Richmond 6/11
Hood’s Brigade Brigadier General John B. Hood
Law’s Brigade Brigadier General Evander Law
Cavalry Brigade  Brigadier General Beverly Robertson formed 6/9
2nd Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel Thomas T. Munford from Ewell’s Div.
6th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel Julien Harrison from Ewell’s Div.
7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel William E. Jones from Jackson’s Div.
12th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel Asher W. Harman formed from 7th Virginia Cavalry
17th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Major William Patrick formed from 7th Virginia Cavalry
Chew’s Battery Captain R. Preston Chew from Ewell’s Div.