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Commanded by Major General Thomas J. Jackson

First Brigade Brigadier General Charles Winder
2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel James Allen (k 6/27)
Lieutenant Colonel Raleigh Colston (w 6/27)
Major Frank Jones (mw 6/27)
Captain Lawson Botts
4th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles A. Ronald
5th Virginia Infantry Regiment  Lieutenant Colonel J. H. S. Funk
27th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Andrew J. Grigsby
33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel John F. Neff
Alleghany Battery Captain Joseph Carpenter
Rockbridge Artillery Captain William T. Poague
Second Brigade Colonel John M. Patton
1st Virginia Regulars Battalion Captain Benjamin W. Leigh
21st Virginia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Cunningham
42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William T. Martin
48th Virginia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Thomas S. Garnett
Third Brigade Brigadier General William B. Talliaferro
Colonel Samuel V. Fulkerson (mw 6/27)
Colonel E. T. H. Warren
Brigadier General Wade Hampton
47th Alabama Infantry Regiment Colonel James W. Jackson from Alabama
48th Alabama Infantry Regiment Colonel James L. Sheffield from Alabama
10th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel E. T. H. Warren
23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Alexander G. Talliaferro
37th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel V. Fulkerson (^)
Major T. V. Williams
Fourth Brigade Brigadier General Alexander R. Lawton from Georgia mid-June
13th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel Marcelluss Douglas
26th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel E.N. Atkinson
Major E.S. Griffin
31st Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel C.A. Evans (w)
Major J.H. Lowe
38th Georgia Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Lewis J. Parr (w 6/27)
Captain William H. Battey
60th Georgia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel W.H. Stiles
61st Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel John H. Lamar
7th Virginia Cavalry Colonel Turner Ashby (k 6/6) to Robinson’s Cavalry Brig.
Chew’s Horse Artilley Captain Robert Chew to Robinson’s Cavalry Brig.
Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery Captain James M. Carrington
Danville Artillery Captain George W. Wooding
Hampden Artilley Captain William H. Caskie
Winchester (Virginia) Artillery Captain Wilfred E. Cutshaw