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Because of the large number of units, New York is indexed on three pages. Artillery and Engineers are on this page.

Light Artillery

1st New York Light Artillery Battalion • 2nd New York Light Artillery Battalion

Barry’s New York Rocket Artillery Battalion • Bookwood’s New York Battery

Goodwin’s New York Militia Battery

The batteries of the two light artillery regiments never operated together tactically, and were assigned around the army as needed.

1st Light Artillery Regiment

Battery A • Battery B  • Battery C • Battery D • Battery E • Battery F

Battery G • Battery H • Battery I • Battery K • Battery L • Battery M.

3rd Light Artillery Regiment

Battery A • Battery B • Battery C • Battery D • Battery E • Battery F

Battery G • Battery H • Battery I • Battery K • Battery M.

Independent Light Artillery

1st Battery • 2nd Battery • 3rd Battery • 4th Battery • 5th Battery • 6th Battery

7th Battery • 8th Battery • 9th Battery • 10th Battery • 11th Battery • 12th Battery

13th Battery  • 14th Battery • 15th Battery • 16th Battery • 17th Battery • 19th Battery

22nd Battery • 23rd Battery24th Battery • 27th Battery • 29th Battery • 30th Battery • 31st Battery

32nd Battery • 33rd Battery  • 34th Battery • Varian’s New York Militia Battery

Heavy Artillery

1st Regiment Heavy Artillery* • 2nd Regiment Heavy Artillery • 3rd Battalion Heavy Artillery

4th Regiment Heavy Artillery • 4th Regiment National Guard Heavy Artillery

5th Regiment Heavy Artillery • 5th Battalion Heavy Artilery

6th Regiment Heavy Artillery • 6th Battalion Heavy Artillery

7th Regiment Heavy Artillery • 7th Battalion Heavy Artillery

8th Regiment Heavy Artillery • 9th Regiment Heavy Artillery

10th Regiment Heavy Artillery • 11th Regiment Heavy Artillery

13th Regiment Heavy Artillery • 14th Regiment Heavy Artillery

15th Regiment Heavy Artillery • 16th Regiment Heavy Artillery


1st Regiment Engineers • 15th Regiment Engineers • 50th Regiment Engineers.