Confederate States Army Army of Northern Virginia

June 1863to July >

Commanded by Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill

The Third Corps was created June 1, 1863 by transferring one division each from the First and Second Corps and adding two brigades who joined the Army of Northern Virginia from North Carolina.

Anderson’s Division Major General Richard H. Anderson
from 1st Corps
Mahoney’s Brigade Brigadier General William Mahone  
Perry’s Brigade Colonel David Lang  
Posey’s Brigade Brigadier General Carnot Posey  
Wilcox’s Brigade Brigadier General Cadmus M. WIlcox  
Wright’s Brigade Brigadier General Ambrose R. Wright  
Artillery Battalion Major John Lane  
Heth’s Division Major General Henry Heth
Archer’s Brigade Brigadier General James J. Archer from Hill’s Div. 2nd Corps
Davis’ Brigade  Brigadier General Joseph R. Davis from Hill’s Div. 2nd Corps
Heth’s Brigade Colonel John M. Brockenbrough from NC
Pettigrew’s Brigade Brigadier General Joseph R. Davis from NC
Artillery Battalion Lieutenant Colonel John J. Garnett  
Pender’s’ Division Major General William D. Pender
Lane’s Brigade Brigadier General  James H. Lane from Hill’s Div. 2nd Corps
McGowan’s Brigade Colonel Abner Perrin from Hill’s Div. 2nd Corps
Scale’s Brigade Brigadier General Alfred M. Scales from Hill’s Div. 2nd Corps
Thomas’ Brigade Brigadier General Edward L. Thomas from Hill’s Div. 2nd Corps
Artillery Battalion Major WIlliam T. Poague  
Reserve Artillery Colonel Reuben L. Walker  
Macintosh’s Artillery Battalion Major David G. Macintosh from 2nd Corps artillery reserve
Danville (Va.) Battery Captain Robert Sidney Rice  
Hardaway (Al.) Battery Captain William P. Hurt  
Richmond (Va.) Battery Captain Marmaduke Johnston  
2nd Rockbridge (Va.) Artillery Captain George W. Wooding  
Pegram’s Artillery Battalion Major William R. J. Pegram from Hill’s Div. 2nd Corps
Crenahaw (VA) Artillery Captain William G. Crenshaw  
Fredericksburg (VA) Artillery Captain Edward A. Marye  
Richmond Letcher (VA) Artillery Captain Thomas A. Brander  
Pee Dee (SC) Artillery Lieutenant William E. Zimmerman  
Purcell (Va.) Artillery Captain Joseph McGraw