United States Army > Army of the Potomac

October 1861 • to November >

Commanded by Brigadier General Charles P. Stone

First Brigade Brig. Gen. W. Gorman
34th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel William La Deu from Stone’s Brig. Div. Potomac
42nd New York Infantry Regiment Col. Milton Cogswell (w&c 10/21)
2nd New York State Militia Colonel G.W.B. Tompkins
1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment
15th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles Devens
Second Brigade Brig. Gen. Frederick Lander (10/3 – 10/22)
Colonel Napoleon J. T. Dana
19th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Edward Hinks  from Lander’s Brig. Div. Potomac
20th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel William R. Lee (c 10/21)
7th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Ira Grosvenor
Third Brigade Colonel Edward D. Baker (k 10/21)
Brig. Gen. W. W. Burns
69th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Joshua Owen
71st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Isaac J. Wistar from Defences Washington
72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel DeWitt C. Baxter from Defences Washington
106th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Turner G. Morehead from Philadelphia
Artillery and Cavalry
Battery B, 1st Rhode Island Artillery from Stone’s Brig. Div. Potomac
6th New York Independent Battery from Defences Washington, July
13th New York Independent Battery from New York 10/18
Battery I, 1st United States Artillery from Stone’s Brig. Div. Potomac
3rd New York Cavalry (3 cos.) from New York