Confederate States Army

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Commanded by General Joseph Edward Johnston
Early’s (Van Dorn’s) Division Brigadier General Jubal Early  
Kershaw’s (Bonham’s) Brigade Colonel Joseph B. Kershaw (to B.G. 2/13)  
Early’s Brigade Brigadier General Jubal A. Early  
Rodes’ Brigade Brigadier General Robert Rodes  
Longstreet’s Division Major General Longstreet  
2nd (D.R. Jones’/Anderson’s) Brigade Brigadier General David R. Jones (to 2/15)
Brigadier General Richard H. Anderson
3rd (Ewell’s) Brigade Brigadier General Richard Ewell (^ 2/21)  
4th (Griffith’s) Brigade Brigadier General Richard Griffith  
5th (Cocke’s/Pickett’s) Brigade Colonel Eppa Hunton (to 2/28)
Brigadier General George Pickett 
E.K. Smith’s/Ewell’s Division Major General E. Kirby Smith (to 2/21*)
Major General Richard S. Ewell
*transferred to Western Theater
Elzey’s Brigade Brigadier General Arnold Elzey  
Trimble’s Brigade Brigadier General Isaac Trimble  
Taylor’s Brigade Brigadier General Richard Taylor  
G.W. Smith’s Division Major General Gustavus W. Smith  
S.R. Jones’/D.R. Jones’ Brigade Colonel G.T. Anderson (to 2/15)
Brigadier General D.R. Jones
Toombs’ Brigade Brigadier General Robert Toombs  
Wilcox’s Brigade Brigadier General Cadmus Wilcox  
Whiting’s Command Brigadier General William H.C. Whiting Near Dumfries
Whiting’s Brigade Brigadier General William H.C. Whiting  
Wigfall’s Brigade Colonel Louis Trezevant Wigfallfall   
Hampton’s Brigade Brigadier General Wade Hampton  
Manassas Garrison (G.B. Anderson’s Brigade) Colonel George B. Anderson
27th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel John T. Mercer  
28th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel Thomas J. Warthen  
4th North Carlina Infantry Regiment Colonel George B. Anderson  
49th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel William Smith  
Heavy Artillery Battalion    
Cavalry Brigade Brigadier General James Ewell Brown Stuart  
Jeff Davis Legion (MS) Cavalry Major William T. Martin  
1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment Colonel Robert Ransom  
1st Virginia Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Fitzhugh Lee  
2nd Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel R.C.W. Radford  
4th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel Beverly Robertson  
6th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel Charles W. Field  
Stuart (Va.) Horse Artillery Captain John Pelham  

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