Confederate States ArmyArmy of the Potomac

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Commanded by Brigadier General William H.C. Whiting

Forces Near Dumfries

Whiting’s Brigade Brigadier General William H.C. Whiting
4th Alabama Infantry Regiment Captain Thomas Goldsby
2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment Colonel William C. Falkner
11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Philip F. Liddell
6th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel William Dorsey Pender
1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment Colonel Peter Turney
Staunton (VA) Artillery Captain John D. Imboden
Wigfall’s/Hood’s Brigade Colonel John B. Hood (to BG 3/8)
5th Alabama Battalion Lieutenant Colonel F. B. Shepherd
18th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel William T. Wofford
1st Texas Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Hugh McLeod
4th Texas Infantry Regiment Colonel John B. Hood (^ 3/8)
Colonel John F. Marshall
5th Texas Infantry Regiment Colonel James Jay Archer
Hampton’s Brigade
14th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel Arnoldus V. Brumby
19th Georgia Infantry Regiment Colonel William W. Boyd
16th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
Hampton’s Legion Lieutenant Colonel  J.B. Griffin
Company D, 1st North Carolina Artillery Captain James Reilly
Rives’ (SC) Battery