Confederate States ArmyArmy of Northern Virginia

< June • July 1862

Longstreet commanded several divisions of the army during the Northern Virginia Campaign. To ease his command burden when the senior brigadier, Richard Anderson was given his own division, Longstreet divided his division between the two next senior brigade commanders, Kemper and Wilcox, giving each three brigades. Although these divisions were both temporary, Longstreet’s Division was never reconstituted.

Commanded by Brigadier General Richard H. Anderson

First (Kemper’s) Brigade Brigadier General James Kemper  
1st Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Patrick T. Moore to Kemper’s Brigade,
Kemper’s Division
7th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Waller T. Patton
11th Virginia Infantry Regiment Major Kirkwood Otey
17th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Montgomery D. Corse
24th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel William R. Terry
Loudon (Va.) Battery Captain Arthur L. Rogers
Second (Anderson’s) Brigade Colonel Micah Jenkins
2nd South Caroina Rifle Regiment Colonel John V. Moore to Jenkins’ Brig.,
Kemper’s Div.
4th South Carolina Infantry Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Mattison
5th South Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel John R.R. Giles
6th South Carolina Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel J.M. Steedman
Palmetto (S.C.) Sharpshooters Colonel Micah Jenkins (^)
Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Walker
Faquier (VA) Artillery Captain Robert M. Stribling
Third (Pickett’s) Brigade Colonel Eppa Hunton  
8th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Eppa Hunton to Pickett’s Brigade,
Kemper’s Division
18th Virginia Infantry Regiment Major George Cabell
19th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel John B. Strange
28th Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Robert C. Allen
Lynchburg (Va.) Battery Captain James Dearing
Fourth (Wilcox’s) Brigade Brigadier General Cadmus M. Wilcox
8th Alabama Infantry Regiment Colonel Young L. Royston to Wilcox’s Brigade,
Wilcox’s Division
9th Alabama Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel Henry
10th Alabama Infantry Regiment Colonel John J. Woodward
11th Alabama Infantry Regiment Colonel Sydenham Moore
Richmond Thomas (VA) Artillery Captain Edwin J. Anderson
Fifth (Pryor’s) Brigade Brigadier General Roger A. Pryor  
14th Alabama Infantry Regiment Colonel Thomas J. Judge to Pryor’s Brigade, Wilcox’s Division
2nd Florida Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Lewis G. Pyles
5th Florida Infantry Regiment Colonel John C. Hately from FL;
to Pryor’s Brigade, Wilcox’s Division
8th Florida Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel George A. C. Coppens
14th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Richard W. Jones to Hays’ Brig. Ewell’s Div., Jackson’s Com.
3rd Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Joseph Mayo to Pryor’s Brigade, Wilcox’s Division
Donaldsonville (LA) Artillery Captain Victor Auguste Maurin
Sixth (Featherston’s) Brigade Colonel Carnot Posey  
2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John G. Taylor (k) to Wilcox’s Brigade,
Wilcox’s Div.
12th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Major W.H. Lilly
16th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Robert Clarke from Trimbles’ Brig., Ewell’s Div.7/13;
to Wilcox’s Brig., Wilcox’s Div.
19th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Major John Mullins to Wilcox’s Bde., Wilcox’s Div.
Division Artillery  
Company A, Washington (LA) Artillery    
Company B, Washington (LA) Artillery    
Company C, Washington (LA) Artillery    
Company D, Washington (LA) Artillery    
Dixie (VA) Artillery Captain William H. Chapman to Wilcox’s Division
Lynchburg (VA) Artillery Captain James Dearing