Confederate States Army Army of Northern Virginia

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Commanded by:
Brigadier General W.H.C. Whiting (to 7/26)
Brigdier General John B. Hood

On July 13 Whiting’s Division returned from its temporary service with Jackson and was assigned to Longstreet’s Command. On July 26 Whiting left on sick leave, and Brigadier General John B. Hood took command of the division. Although it technicaly remained Whiting’s Division until October he would never return to command it, and it is usuallly referred to as Hood’s Division after this time.

Hood’s Brigade

Brigdier General John B. Hood
18th Georgia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Solon Z. Ruff
Hampton Legion (S.C.) Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Martin C. Gary
1st Texas Infantry Regiment Colonel Alexis T. Rainey (w)
4th Texas Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John Key (w 7/1; to Col. 7/10)
Captain W. P. Townsend (to Maj. 7/10)
5th Texas Infantry Regiment Colonel Jerome B. Robinson
Whiting’s Brigade Colonel Evander McIvor Law
4th Alabama Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel O.K. McLemore
2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment Colonel John M. Stone
11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Colonel Philip F. Liddell
6th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel Isaac E. Avery (w 6/1; to Col. 6/11)
Lieutenant Colonel Robert F. Webb
Rowan (N.C.) Artillery Captain James Reilly
Staunton (Va.) Artillery Captain W. L. Balthis (w)
First Lieutenant Asher Garber