Confederate States Army * Army of Northern Virginia

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Commanded by Major General James Longstreet (to Lieutenant General 10/9)

The Confederate Congress passed legislation at the end of October allowing the creation of army corps. Longstreet’s Command would become the First Army Corps on November 6, 1862

Anderson’s Division Major General Richard H. Anderson
Armistead’s Brigade Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead to Pickett’s Division
Featherston’s Brigade Colonel Carnot Posey
Mahoney’s Brigade Colonel William A. Parham
Pryor’s Brigade Brigadier General Roger Pryor
Wilcox’s Brigade Brigadier General Cadmus Wilcox
Wright’s Brigade Brigadier General Ambrose R. Wright
Saunders’ Artillery Battalion Major John S. Saunders
Hood’s Division Brigadier General John B. Hood (to Maj. Gen. 10/10)
Hood’s Brigade Colonel William T. Wofford
Law’s (Whiting’s) Brigade Colonel Evander M. Law (to Brig. Gen. 10/10)
Artillery Major Bushrod W. Frobel
Jones’ Division Brigadier General David R. Jones dissolved due to Jones’ health
Drayton’s Brigade Brigadier General Thomas F. Drayton to McLaws’ Division
Jenkins’s Brigade Colonel Joseph Walker to Pickett’s Division
Jones’ Brigade Colonel George T. Anderson to Hood’s Division
Kemper’s Brigade Brigadier General James Kemper to Pickett’s Division
Pickett’s Brigade Colonel Eppa Hunton
Brigadier General Richard B. Garnett
to Pickett’s Division
Toombs’ Brigade Brigadier General Robert A. Toombs to Hood’s Division
McLaws’ Division Major General Lafayette McLaws
Barksdale’s Brigade Brigadier General William Barksdale
Cobb’s Brigade Brigadier General Howell Cobb
Colonel T.R.R. Cobb
Kershaw’s Brigade Brigadier General Joseph B. Kershaw
Semmes’ Brigade Brigadier General Paul J. Semmes
Cabell’s Artillery Battalion Colonel Henry C. Cabell
Pickett’s’ Division Major General George E. Pickett
Armistead’s Brigade Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead
Garnet’s Brigade Colonel Eppa Hunton
Brigadier General Richard B. Garnett
Jenkin’s Brigade Colonel Joseph Walker
Kemper’s’ Brigade Brigadier General James L. Kemper
Dearings Artillery Battalion Major James Dearing
Walker’s Division Brigadier General John G. Walker
Ransom’s Brigade Brigadier General Robert Ransom, Jr.
Walker’s Brigade Colonel Van Manning
Evans’s Independent Brigade Colonel Peter F. Stevens (to 9/19)
Brigadier General Nathan G. Evans
17th South Carolina Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Fitzhugh W. McMaster
18th South Carolina Infantry Regiment Colonel William H. Wallace
22nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment Major Miel Hilton
23rd South Carolina Infantry Regiment Lieutenant E. R. White
Holcombe Legion Colonel Peter F. Stevens
Macbeth (SC) Artillery Captain Robert Boyce
Turner (VA) Artillery Captain Walter Daniel Leake disbanded 10/4
Reserve Artillery Colonel James B. Walton
Lee’s Battalion Colonel Stephen D. Lee
Madison (La.) Light Artillery Captain George V. Moody
Brooks (S.C.) Artillery Lieutenant William Elliott
Ashland (Va.) Battery Captain Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr.
Bath (Va.) Battery Captain John L. Eubank
Bedford (Va.) Artillery Captain Tyler C. Jordan
Parker’s (Va.) Battery Captain William W. Parker
Washington (LA) Artillery Colonel John B. Walton
1st Company Captain Charles W. Squires
2nd Company Captain John B. Richardson
3rd Company Captain Meritt B. Miller
4th Company Captain Benjamin F. Eschleman